At 4C Foods, we work hard to get out our message of quality, wholesome goodness, while satisfying the needs of the consumer. We often introduce new products by handing out free samples at many sporting and community events. We also care about people and are involved in and contribute to health related and community causes, because at 4C Foods, we feel to be a good company — you also have to be a good neighbor.



At the recent CAN-STRUCTION event held this past week on Long Island New York, teams build structures totally from canned food items to put a spotlight on hunger on Long Island, while showcasing the talents of the brightest & best creative designing minds in the construction and architectural fields on Long Island. Teams comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, and area students. Many, like these proud students shown, used canisters of donated 4C Foods items, (4C Foods Seasoned Breadcrumbs), to build their creative design’s foundation. A great cause that 4C Foods was proud to be part of. After the event, all the canned food used will be distributed through the area food bank. We like to think that many families all across Long Island, and throughout the US, use 4C Foods products as a foundation on which they build their own award winning kitchen mealtime creations.


4C Manufacturer’s Coupons

4C Foods Corp regularly posts online deals & savings on its two Facebook Pages - and on the 4C E-store, but on SUNDAY MAY 5th, 2013 4C foods will be running a Manufacturer’s Coupons for 4C Iced Teas, Drink Mixes, and Energy Drinks in TUBS, STIX, LWE, and 4C Foods brand new 4C “cap-it” Flavor Filled Sports Caps. These coupons are redeemable in local grocery stores, supermarkets and superstores. So look for these “MIX IT UP: coupons and STOCK UP!


In Philadelphia, what better way to promote 4C Foods’ Totally Light HALF & HALF Iced Tea Lemonade than to support a HALF Marathon. This past Memorial weekend 4C Foods was at the ODDyssey Half Marathon where runners dress in odd and funny costumes... just to shake things up. 4C Foods was there handing out thousands of stix of 4C Totally Light Half & Half so they could shake things up even more... PLUS it gave these half marathon participants something to quench their marathon thirsts. YOU don’t have to run a half marathon to enjoy 4C Totally Light Half & Half; simply drive to your local supermarket and meander to the shelf to pick up a box. It’s just as thirst quenching drinking 4C Half & Half chilling out on your front porch, as it is cooling down on the sidewalks of Philly.

4C FOODS – It’s the first signs of Summer when 4C FOODS Totally Light ENERGY RUSH once again supports East End Volley Ball and Volley America.

We still smell the Atlantic Ocean’s spray and the remember the feeling of sand between our toes from last year’s BIG SHOT CHAMPIONSHIP on the beach volleyball courts in front of Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City. The action was fast, the matches were thrilling, the sky was blue, the sun was warm, and the drink of choice was 4C Foods Totally Light Energy Rush: BERRY, CITRUS and ORANGE. The 2012 Volley America promise much more fun & excitement this season, and so does 4C Food with our latest 4C Totally Light ENERGY RUSH Drink Mix flavors: HALF & HALF, STRAWBERRY, ICED TEA LEMON, and ICED GREEN TEA.

Checkout our 4C ENERGY RUSH FACEBOOK PAGE to see Volley America’s upcoming events all across the area. Become a Volley America member to PLAY or sit back and enjoy the games and a cold 4C Energy Rush drink. See ya on the beach!

4C Foods’ BIKE NY and DRINK 4C

4C Foods is a proud Presenting Sponsor of BIKE NEW YORK and participated in the TD BIKE NEW YORK FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR where over 32,000 cyclists traveled through all of New York City’s 5 boroughs a distance of 40 miles. The ride made a lot of cyclists thirsty, but don’t worry 4C Foods was there handing out thousands of free samples of our great tasting and thirst quenching 4C Foods Totally Light Drink Mixes and Totally Light Energy Rush Drink Mixes. To see more pictures – checkout our 4C FACEBOOK page for May 2012.

4C Foods’ ENERGY RUSH goes to COLLEGE!

4C Foods representatives were recently on several college campuses, (see below), handing out samples of our Totally Light 2GO Energy Rush Stix. It was almost time for finals and students are cramming for exams and burning the midnight oil, so about then a burst of energy and a burst of great flavors were really appreciated. Did you miss our visit or did we miss your college campus? Sorry, but for a limited time ALL college students can still get Energy Rush online at our 4C E-Store for 20% OFF and FREE Shipping - FOR A LIMITED TIME!
[Offer ends 06/15/12 - use PROMO CODE: 4CENERGY].

4C Foods Goes to College

4C Foods’ ENERGY RUSH goes to NASCAR!

4C Foods Goes to Nascar

Okay, so Energy Rush may not be as fast as a NASCAR, but that doesn’t mean it won’t give you a RUSH. Just ask the hundreds of people lined up for FREE SAMPLES of 4C Foods’ Totally Light 2Go drink mixes at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Thanks to POLE POSITION MAGAZINE – 4C had a tent offering event attendees FREE samples of 4C Foods FAVORITE Totally Light 2Go drink mixes. The 2Go sticks are a favorite for people on the go, whether it’s 2-WORK, 2-SCHOOL, 2-CAMP, 2-PLAY, or 2-DRIVE a NASCAR! 4C Foods Totally Light 2GO offers the convenience and the taste that more and more people are choosing to buy at their local supermarket, grocery store, and online. Hey, NASCAR is America’s fastest growing sport… so why wouldn’t 4C Foods offer America’s fastest growing drink mix? Have YOU tried 4C Foods’ Totally Light 2Go drink mixes? I promise they’ll get you taste buds revving and satisfy your strongest thirst. Enjoy!!


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